It is a clean water capsule exclusively for Kimochii clean water Shawapita (product number: JSB222). Contains 2 clean water capsules. The usage period for one unit is about 2 months and the total filtration flow rate is 4000 L (* 8 minutes a day, 64 L is used). * Cannot be installed on the Kimochi Shower Series, Kimochi Bubble Shower Pita (JSB023BW / JSB024BM), and Air Beat Shower Pita (JSB025BW / JSB025BM). The clean water capsule for the Kimochii Shower series is the chlorine removal capsule Miz-e (JSC001).

    Item Number JSC003
    Size(WxDxH mm) 62×32×137
    weight(g) 76
    Code 4975373 169950

Water purification capsule for exclusive use of Kimochii clean water Shawapita (product number: JSB222)

  • The chlorine removal capacity is about 4 months for 2 pieces (2 months for each piece). 4,000 liters per piece (50% or more residual chlorine removal). When used at 8ℓ / min for 8 minutes / day, the usage period is about 2 months.

  • Easy to install! All you have to do is remove the screen nut of the clean water shower pump and insert it.

Feels better with water that is gentle on hair and skin

  • Chlorine in tap water is the cause of tingling skin and dryness of hair. Calcium sulfite removes chlorine and makes gentle water.