One-touch switching between running water and still water. It is a stick-type watering nozzle. The base of the nozzle is variable. The water shape can be switched to 4 types: drill, shower, straight, and jolo. Compatible with thin hose (inner diameter 7.5-9 mm / outer diameter 13.5 mm).

    Item Number QG1173GY
    Size(WxDxH mm) 107×39×220
    weight(g) 153
    Code 4975373 170741

Stick type watering nozzle

  • A one-touch lever system that allows water to pass when you click it and stops water when you press it again. Stick type that is easy for women to handle.

  • The base of the nozzle is variable. Since the angle changes, it is easy to water without worrying about the hose.

  • The nozzle can be removed with one touch.

4 Water type (Water type depends on water pressure)

  • Cone jet

  • Straight

  • Soft shower

  • Shower

Compatible hose size

Compatible with thin hoses (up to 7.5-9 mm inner diameter / 13.5 mm outer diameter).