• nano next 20m

    "Minimum / lightest" in the history of Takagi hose reels. The nozzle side and faucet side hoses are completely stored in the W reel. The ultimate compact design sprinkler hose reel. The water spray nozzle is also a light and compact straight type.

    Name nano next 20m
    Item Number RM1220GY
    Size(WxDxH mm) 152×271×280mm
    Code 4975373 168243

"Smallest" and "Lightest" in Takagi hose reel history! W reel adopted

  • Adopted W reel system. The nozzle side hose and the faucet side hose can be rolled up and stored neatly.

  • You can also fold the handle for winding.

  • You can also fold the handle for carrying.

  • The faucet parts are "easy lock"! Just put the body on the faucet and tighten the knob. It can be easily installed by women without tools.

Light and small! Easy to wind!

  • The hands are clean and the winding is easy and smooth.

  • The best handling for the garden.

4 Water type (Water type depends on water pressure)

  • Shower

  • Soft shower

  • Straight jet

  • Cone jet