• KIMOCHII SHOWER Miz-e with stop

    It is a set product of Kimochiisawapita and chlorine removal capsule Miz-e (1 piece).
    Calcium sulfite removes residual chlorine, creating gentle water that reduces damage.

    Name KIMOCHII SHOWER Miz-e with stop
    Item Number JSB333
    Size(WxDxH mm) 70×63×280
    weight(g) 259
    Code 4975373172981

KIMOCHII SHOWER with stop 3 points

  • Very fine water flow and dense skin. The water is wide and the shower is easy to wrap. Water can be stopped / stopped at hand. It has a saving capacity of about 34%.(Compared to ours)

  • A hole diameter of 0.3 mm and 234 shower holes evenly arranged.

For clean water shower with chlorine removal capsule

  • Chlorine removal capacity is about 2 months for 1 piece. 4,000 liters per piece (50% or more residual chlorine removal). When used at 8ℓ / min for 8 minutes / day, the usage period is about 2 months.

  • Easy to install! All you have to do is remove the screen nuts from the cheerful shower with stop and insert them. * Cannot be attached to Kimochii Bubble Shower, Air Beat Shower (JSB023BW / JSB024BM / JSB025BW / JSB025BM)

Feels better with water that is gentle on hair and skin

  • Chlorine in tap water is the cause of tingling skin and dryness of hair. Calcium sulfite removes chlorine and makes gentle water.

  • For the replacement clean water capsule, please purchase the dedicated product [Item No.: JSC001 chlorine removal capsule Miz-e].