• Chlorine removal capsule Miz-e

    Just attach it to Takagi's comfortable shower series. You can add water purification function to your favorite type of cheerful shower. Calcium sulfite removes residual chlorine, creating gentle water that reduces damage.

    Name Chlorine removal capsule Miz-e
    Item Number JSC001
    Size(WxDxH mm) 61×31×137mm
    weight(g) 76
    Code 4975373 165563

Just attaching it to Takagi's comfortable shower series

  • The chlorine removal capacity is about 4 months with 2 pieces (2 months per piece). 4,000 liters per piece (50% or more residual chlorine removal). When used at 8ℓ / min for 8 minutes / day, the usage period is about 2 months.

  • Easy to install! Just remove the screen nut of the comfortable shower and insert it. * Cannot be attached to JSB023BW / JSB024BM / JSB025BW / JSB025BM.

Gentle water for hair and skin

  • Chlorine in tap water is the cause of tingling skin and dryness of hair. Calcium sulfite removes chlorine and makes gentle water.