Easy-to-grip soft rubber specifications, one-click professional grip series with water / stop water switching. You can also adjust the water volume with the lever at hand. The water shape can be switched to 4 types: Kaksan, Straight, Jolo, and Shower. Even if you remove it while water is flowing, water does not squirt, and it comes with a connector that allows you to replace the nozzle with one touch. Compatible with ordinary hoses (inner diameter 12-15 mm / outer diameter 21 mm).

    Item Number GNZ101N11
    Size(WxDxH mm) 191×75×257
    weight(g) 353
    Code 4975373 033008

A nozzle with a higher level of usability, with a focus on usage and ease of use

  • It supports various watering scenes.

  • Won iF design award 2014

Functions that realize ease of use

  • Switching between running water and still water can be done with one click.

  • "Water saving lever" You can adjust the flow rate by operating the lever.

  • "Soft rubber grip" Soft rubber specifications that are easy to grip.

  • Includes a connector for connecting the hose with one touch.

4 Water type (Water type depends on water pressure)

  • Cone jet

  • Straight

  • Soft shower

  • Shower

Compatible hose size

Compatible with normal hoses (up to 12-15 mm inner diameter / 21 mm outer diameter).