A convenient item that allows you to remove the hose and nozzle with one touch. It has a stop function that prevents water from spouting even if it is removed while water is flowing. Compatible with ordinary hoses (up to 12-15 mm inside diameter / 21 mm outside diameter).

    Item Number G096FJ
    Size(WxDxH mm) 85×40×120
    weight(g) 49
    Code 4975373 000963

Parts can be replaced without stopping the water

  • The faucet, nozzle and hose can be connected with one touch.

  • Even if the stop connector is removed while water is still flowing, the water will stop at the stop connector due to the internal stopper. Nozzles can be replaced without closing the faucet.

Compatible hose size

Compatible with standard hoses (up to 12-15 mm inner diameter / 21 mm outer diameter).