If you attach it to the faucet, you can easily remove the hose! The faucet that can be attached is a horizontal faucet (faucet diameter 14-18 mm), universal home faucet, universal faucet (faucet diameter 14-18 mm). A connector that allows you to remove the hose with one touch is included. Compatible with standard hoses (12-15mm inner diameter / 21mm outer diameter).

    Item Number G028FJ
    Size(WxDxH mm) 97×42×188
    weight(g) 85
    Code 4975373 000284

Connect to the round faucet (side faucet)

  • It can be attached to the round faucet (side faucet) and the hose can be connected with one touch.

  • It is firmly fixed with three screws and double tightening with (1) water pressure * so that it cannot be removed from the faucet. (* The packing inside the faucet nipple is pressed by water pressure inside, and the faucet is tightened by the force.) (2) The O-ring of the nipple and (3) the packing structure of the connector will not leak water.

Compatible hose size

Compatible with ordinary hoses (internal diameter 12-15 mm / external diameter 21 mm).

Ready-to-install faucet

  • Side faucet Faucet diameter: 14-18mm

  • Universal Home Faucet Faucet Diameter: 14-18mm

  • Universal Faucet Faucet Diameter 14-18mm